The Board of Education is constituted, authorized, and governed by the statutes of the State of New Jersey, Title 18A, Education. The Board shall make, amend, and repeal rules not inconsistent with statutes or with the rules of the State Board of Education for its own government and the transaction of its business and for the government and management of the public schools and the public property of the school district and for the employment, regulation of, conduct, and discharge of its employees.  The Board shall perform all acts and do all things, consistent with law and the rules of the State Board, necessary for the proper conduct, equipment and maintenance of the public schools of the district. The bylaws, policies and regulations adopted by the Board of Education provide the framework to fulfill its legal responsibilities and are defined as follows:

“Bylaws” are rules of the Board for its own operation.

Policy” is a statement, formally adopted by the Board of Education, in which the Board recognizes the mandates and constraints of law, establishes practices and standards binding on staff members and pupils, and gives direction to the Superintendent.

Regulation” means a statement developed and promulgated by the Superintendent that details the specific operations by which Board policy or a legal mandate is implemented.